Dressage Boots

Traditional dressage boots were designed with stiffer leather to give the rider’s ankle more support. Nowadays dressage riders also gravitate towards more versatile dress boots that have an easier break-in time, and more custom fit. Tall boots of all styles are meant to aid in the rider’s performance and comfort for long days spent in the saddle.

Dressage Breeches

For dressage riders, it’s full seat or bust when it comes to breeches! These types of breeches are designed with a suede or silicone grip system on the seat to help the rider stay in the saddle easier. When showing, dressage riders must wear white breeches, but are allowed to express themselves in a wide variety of colors while schooling.

Dressage Saddle Pads

A good saddle pad can make a world of difference in your horse’s comfort while working under saddle. Gone are the days of simple cotton pads, now there are so many options to consider for your horse and saddle’s specific needs. Cotton has made way for technical fabrics with shock absorption and anti-slip advances to ensure you have the best ride possible. Saddle pads for dressage are larger than close contact and all-purpose pads because the saddle itself is larger.

Dressage Bridles

Dressage tack is traditionally black and bridles normally feature crank nosebands and flashes. When you reach the upper levels sometimes a double bridle is recommended for advanced horses and movements. But for everyday schooling and lower-level showing, a simple snaffle bridle is all you will need. Bridles come in a variety of styles, both plain and with bling to suit your taste.