Tech Mahindra has been selected as a Standout Case Study for its Utilities customer, Exxaro by ISG Digital Case Study Awards 2021
Energy & Utilities
Powering the digital future for NextGen Utilities

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Powering the digital future for NextGen Utilities

Tech Mahindra is an experienced solution provider in the Energy and Utility business across Power, Water & Wastewater, Renewable, Electric Vehicle, Microgrid, Natural Resources and Mining sectors. We help them to grow in the right direction by proving digital technology, business consultancy, infrastructure & enterprise security, platform & network services, etc. to boost their quality of service and productivity. We also address utility industry's challenges with our continuous investments on innovative ideas, and solutions.

Offering new business model, Optimizing business process, Meeting customer experience
Transforming business across the spectrum
3 Mega Trends: Decarbonization, Deregulation and Decentralization

Industry Segments


TechMNxt solution supports the power industry to grow in all directions: Electricity Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Retail to commercial and residential


Provides intelligent solar and wind energy asset monitoring and efficiency management platforms. Also focuses on new renewable energy technologies for hydroelectric power, wind power, bioenergy, solar energy, and geothermal energy.

Water and Waste Management

We are committed to creating a long-term positive impact while providing greater value to water, wastewater utilities and waste management sectors by providing efficient, uninterrupted digital services to customers.

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We assist to resolve issues related to seamless operations in gas distribution


Addressing industry issues such as the emergence of nuclear power and solving them with AR and VR devices, also provide sustainable solutions

Distributed Energy Resources

Providing services to electric vehicle charging systems and also building microgrids and provide real-time data streaming, monitoring the infrastructure by working with end-users, manufacturers, and utilities


Industry solutions to focus on safety, environmental requirements, project development planning, operations in mining industry

Smart Cities

System with IoT, data analytics, machine learning enables smart city transformation with solutions like, meter reading, energy management, etc.


Focusing on ERP solutions in asset management and digital core to improve the business process automation

Service Offerings

Digital Customer Experience
Network Services
Enterprise Asset Management
Internet of Things
Cyber security
Energy & Utilities Analytics
Intelliegent Enterprise
Smarter Workforce



The NXT Solution for managing AMI on the Oracle C2M platform

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A TechMNxt Platform offering an integrated approach to Digital Customer Experience

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Optimized digital core package solution suitable for Power, Water & Renewable Utilities

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Integrated solution maximizing asset and work performance in business

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Renewable Insights

A TechMNxT IoT platform solution on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for solar and wind companies to meet the changing current and future needs of the industry

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An IoT solution for integration of the charging station with the electricity grid

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A free-to-use online platform, help citizens to organize and manage their own community energy schemes

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5G for Utilities

5G enables level of performance, efficiency, ultra low latency, high reliability and massive IoT scale in utilities communication

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Integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to the Grid

TechMahindra, as a technology service provider, has been actively supporting its utility customers across the supply chain, including innovations in renewable energy resources.

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Leading the Way

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Reimagining Digital Transformation Through Enhanced CX

Enhancing CX & Enabling Digital Self Service for a Leading Bangladesh-based Power Company

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Enablement of Digital Self Service Platforms

Implementation of comprehensive solution & leveraging of innovative digital platform

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Re-invigorating Customer Experience

Enhancing customer experience through digital self-service platforms

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TechMNxt cutting edge solutions

Digital Transformation at Angola's National Electricity Distribution utility company

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Malaysia's largest water utility

Unified Customer Experience for better synergy & cost efficiency

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UAE's Electricity and Water Utility

Shaping the digital transformation journey

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Tech Mahindra’s Connect-U Solution

Delivering Unparalleled Customer Experience for Utility Transformation Goals

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The NXT in Smart Meters

Unveiling the NXT Process for Unique Identification of Smart Meters in Utilities

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Revenue Intelligent Analytics

Analytic solution and product suite for utilities industry to reduce Non-Technical Losses

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CIS Modernization for Enhanced Customer Experience

Transforming Customer Information System (CIS) into modern digital platform to gain maximum benefit

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Future Grid: Way forward for the DISCOMs

The transition from traditional to the future grid distribution for managing better grid frequency

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A Primer on UtilityRise

An Intelligent Digital Platform to Transform Your Utility Business

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IDC Customer Spotlight, November 2022

The Critical Importance of Strategic Asset Performance Management for an African River Authority

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IDC Customer Case Study, September 2022

One of the North America’s Largest Green Power Producers’ Digital Transformation Journey Powered by Tech Mahindra

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ISG Case Study Awards 2021: Network System transformation unlocks potential to improve efficiency & productivity

Industry 4.0 and IoT enabled solutions helped Exxaro expand the mining pit network coverage by 30% and reduce costs by 30%

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IDC Customer Spotlight

Exxaro's Path to Improving Productivity Through Connectivity

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Connected Assets, Connected Customers, Connected Experiences

A Strategic Approach to Asset Performance Management, co-authored by IDC.

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18 - 20 May, 2021
International SAP Conference for Utilities

Global Digital Event

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21-23 October, 2019
Tech Mahindra sponsors SAP

Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego

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30 September -2 October, 2019
Tech Mahindra sponsors Maximo Utility

Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel, Phoenix

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Tech Mahindra and Mahindra TEQO

Partnership will leverage next generation technologies like artificial intelligence

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Meet Our Leadership

Sahil Dhawan
Global Head – Energy & Utilities
Amruthraj Arogyadas
Global Head – Water & Waste Management

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