Breeches for Jumper Riders

Breeches for jumper riders vary from super comfortable schooling tights to more formal structured breeches used for competing. A lot of your decision will depend on what level you are riding at. Schooling tights are great for casual riding and lower-level lessons. Generally, as you progress towards competing, trainers prefer to see a more traditional breech that offers a more polished look and encourages confidence in any ring.

English Show Shirts for Jumper Riders

English Show Shirts are necessary for riding competitions. These shirts are sometimes referred to as ‘Ratcatcher’ shirts, they pay homage to the traditional shirt worn while Foxhunting. Show shirts are available in a variety of fabrics, and styles with options like short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, wing-style wrap collars, straight snap collars as well as detachable collars.

Jumper riders have a bit more discretion in their attire, loud colors, crystals, and prints are not uncommon. However, where formal classes are concerned a white shirt, is always correct.

Jumper Bridles

Jumper riders need good quality bridle work that offers support, encourages communication and maybe just a little bit of bling. Many jumper riders prefer a figure 8 bridle to help their horses focus on the task at hand as well as rubber grip reins to help them maintain communication in fast-paced conditions. Here are just a few jumper bridles that we find to be very popular with jumper riders.